About Us

iSeis is a new organization but it is far from being new to seismic.

iSeis was incorporated in 2009 and it has a sister company in the long-established Seismic Source Co. Both companies are being based in Ponca City, Oklahoma, where more than fifty years ago the vibroseis technique was invented. Both iSeis and SSC boast personnel who have been active in this industry for much of these last five decades, giving us unrivalled expertise in what it takes to make innovative hardware.

In committing resources to the development of the world's only universal cableless system and in the establishment of a whole new operation, we are proud to take our place on the international market. And while other companies talk about flexibility and competitiveness, only iSeis/SSC can demonstrate it - building equipment which can be used in multiple stand-alone modes, or side-by-side with almost any other manufacturers' instrument. Who else can claim that much openness and versatility?

Hydrocarbons are not getting easier to find so we are here to help the acquisition industry take its next steps, with equipment and an attitude to support this vision. Contact us if your company wants to take some new steps too.


John Giles, California


Sensor Testing

John Giles, President. Ponca test site

Scott Burkholder, Indonesia

Dale Neidig, USA

International Seismic Co

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