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System Comparison - How To Use Chart

There are three cable recorders on the market and little to differentiate them. However, there are about ten cableless systems all with significant differences. Some have features not seen in seismic before, allowing modes of exploration which few may be yet aware of. So when comparing cableless hardware, there's much new to consider.

Sigma is the industry's ONLY universal cableless continuous recorder, It can do MUCH more than any other system, in any recording mode. So we developed a comparison chart. Please read to get this most out of this.

Some may think there are only two types of cableless recorder: with real time capability and without. But there is a third distinct category: those allowing transmission to central system of status, QC and noise data. It is a major innovation. This communication is two-way so also permits ground unit remote control, e.g. letting boxes be turned off to conserve power.

But there's also huge differences in all functionality groups. Take the example of shoot blind operations; most systems must be collected up to harvest data. A few, including Sigma, allow boxes to remain deployed and recording while data is wirelessly downloaded. It is much quicker and much less equipment is needed.

There are also differences in how systems time stamp data; in hardware specifications; in real time transmission options; in testing; in source control interfacing and so on. Any single difference can mean either success or failure for a crew. Sigma is fully featured - the only system that is. As we believe nothing else comes close, this chart shows important ways to compare Sigma in ten operational areas, including Recording Modes, Data Retrieval, Source Interfacing, Passive/Permanent Recording, Battery/System Power, Specification, Sensors Options etc.

So decide which area is important to your operations. Then compare Sigma with generic shoot blind systems or those with any form of data return and consider what differences such features might make. Contact us for more detail and any other comparison.

Recording Modes

Data retrieval in non real time mode

Battery and system power

Field operations

System testing

Specifications of importance to cableless operations

System timing


Central system

Sources/passive and permanent recording

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