Sigma Configurations

iSeis and its sister company, Seismic Source Co, comprise a one-stop-shop for virtually all land seismic instrumentation, from cabled and cableless recorders to controllers for almost every conceivable source.

Our innovative instruments can be couple together in a huge variety of ways allowing users to configure equipment for any operation, independent of its size or complexity. Some examples are provided in the following diagrams though it is clearly impossible to show every conceivable combination.

And, unlike most other suppliers, iSeis's and SSC's systems can also be configured to work well with products from many other manufacturers.

Contact us to for recommendations of the hardware you might use to better solve you geophysical problems.

Sigma Field Schematic - 4C Downhole

Sigma Field Schematic - Autonomous

Sigma Field Schematic - Cabled Ethernet

Sigma Field Schematic - High Speed Wi-Fi

Sigma Field Schematic - Mesh Wi-Fi

Sigma Field Schematic - MRN and USB

Sigma Field Schematic - Powered 3C Spread

Sigma Field Schematic - Powered Downhole

Sigma Field Schematic - VHF Timing

Sigma Field Schematic - Wi-Fi Drive-By

Sigma Field Schematic - DAQLink III

SSC Vibrator Options Schematic

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