Sigma System Overview

The Sigma™ Advantage

Sigma™ is the sum of all cableless acquisition experience to date – the world’s first new generation cableless recorder. It is not only a multi-mode stand alone recorder, but it also works side-by-side with existing cabled hardware. Sigma™ is fully integrated with all Seismic Source Co. products and can outperform all rivals. Sigma™ will also work with any source, including the latest simultaneous vibroseis techniques such as slip sweep managing up to 256 groups, on any terrain, in shallow water and TZ. Sigma™ offers multiple data acquisition and retrieval modes integrated with well-proven, user friendly software. No other product provides this total solution with such comprehensive flexibility.


  • Passive and permanent monitoring
  • Provides correlation and stack features within the Central System
  • SigmaObserver™ – the most powerful field tool available today
  • Output in raw formats or standard shot records to SEGY or SEGD

Acquisition Modes

  • Autonomous recording
  • Mesh Radio Networked (MRN)
  • WiFi – Live data retrieval
  • Mixed mode

Source Options

  • Vibroseis
  • dynamite
  • advanced weight drop
  • all other impulse sources

Data Retrieval Options

  • SmartHarvest™ – PC based
  • Mini-Transporter
  • Portable Mass Harvester
  • WiFi – Harvester

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