The International Seismic Corporation was formed to deliver hybrid cableless recording hardware which suffered none of the drawbacks of other systems. Sigma™ solves specific problems identified with earlier technology and takes the exploration industry into a far more flexible future.


Sigma™ is the most advanced, field-proven cableless acquisition system. It is a multi-mode stand alone recorder and also can be used side-by-side existing cabled hardware. It works seamlessly with Seismic Source Co, products and other controllers to provide the most fully integrated source control/recorder solution. It has already set records in passive as well as active acquisition.

Seismic Source Co

Seismic Source Co is iSeis’s sister company. Based in Ponca City, the home of vibroseis, SSC has a long history of providing peripheral equipment to the land exploration industry including sophisticated vibroseis/impulsive source controllers. SSC is the world's largest independent vibroseis R&D center, developing a variety of test and QC products. iSeis and SSC products can be used separately or combined to provide the most sophisticated range of land seismic equipment anywhere. Visit the web-site at www.seismicsource.com

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Sigma™ features - benefits:

  • No need to shoot blind - Data and hardware security
  • Mesh Radio Network for QC monitoring - Integrated system to check data and box status
  • Mesh Radio Network for ground unit remote control - Initiate remote tests, control battery usage
  • Multiple timing options – Overcomes limitations of GPS reception
  • Excellent system for passive recording - Very low noise, 32 bit, DC response
  • Multiple harvesting options - Suited to every type of operation
  • Harvesting during recording, pass-by or hardwired - No need to collect up boxes, no need to halt acquisition
  • Considerations for communications using 2.4 GHz
  • Sigma–security: Multiple levels of protection for hardware and data
  • Cable option for ground units - Turns Sigma into cabled digital telemetry system
  • Built-in source control interface - Permits use of SPS, XPS, multisource operation
  • Complete, low cost control/operating system - Fully featured, PC/Windows based
  • Real time recording options - For active or passive operations
  • Mix/match any features for stand alone or side by side operations - Any sources, any recorders, land and TZ

International Seismic Co

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